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23 January 2019 0 comments

In Sveti Vlas, there is the one-of-a-kind yacht port, located in the southern part of the town. The port is unique due to its exceptionally favourable location at the foot of Stara Planina which ensures a natural protection from any northeastern wind currents.


The “Dinevi Marina” in Sveti Vlas offers its guests a variety of services, in addition to utilities, such as electricity, water, cable television and Internet. Your peace and safety here are guaranteed. This new-generation yacht facility fully complies with the international standards. 


In 2005, the Marina received the prestigious international prize – the Bentley Award – for best project, and the ”Bible” of all yacht magazines – Boat International – included the port in its world’s best yacht ports list. 


The yacht complex in Sveti Vlas offers a wide range of public houses and different ways of entertainment. The complex has at its disposal the five-star Palace Hotel, famous fashion designers’ shops, restaurants offering different kinds of exquisite cuisines from all over the world, and many others... 

In the complex, there is also the one-of-a-kind Planet Yacht Club De Luxe and the famous Piano Bar “Noti”.


Each year, the Dinevi Marina hosts a series of events that gather famous people from all over the world. The first edition of the maritime secondary schools regatta was held here. The Dinevi Marina also hosts annually the Yacht Exhibition and the International Regatta as a stage of the Port Burgas Regatta.



Fuel Supply, Border and Customs Control, Mobile Lift, Weather Forecast, Pump-Out Station, Showers, Electricity, Water, TV, Internet, Laundry, Slipway, On-Land Storage, Diver, Parking, Taxi, Bar, Cafe, Restaurant, Hotel *****




Coordinates: 42о 42,339’ N, 027o 45,962’ E

Entrance Lights: Green 3 ММ Red 3 ММ

Connection channel: 73, 16 VHF

Depths: max. 3.50m min. 1.70m

Maximum speed: 3 knots

Prevailing winds: North, Northeast, East

Aquatory: 42 000 sq.m.

Adjoining territory: 24 000 sq.m.

Quay spaces: 300 spaces

On-land storage spaces: 100 spaces

Parking lot: 150 spaces

Largest vessel: LOA–25.00m, B–6.00m, D–2.00m





Sveti Vlas 8256

VHF Ch 73,16

Phone: +359 554 64 018

Fax: +359 554 64 019