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The town of Sveti Vlas is one of the most ancient settlements along the southern coast of the Black Sea. Founded in the 2nd century AD, the town has been the arena of many historic events.


The first name of Sveti Vlas given by the ancient Thracians was Larissa – in Greek, it means “favourable, carefree”. In the 4th century, the town adopted the name Sveti Vlas. In Orthodoxy, Saint Vlasiy is the patron of tradesmen, cattle-breeders and healers.

The mountains proudly rising above Sveti Vlas are also called the "Holy Mountain" of the Western Black Sea Coast where there have been numerous monasteries.Throughout the years, they have offered spiritual shelter to many monks, one of them being Theodosius of Tarnovo.

Sveti Vlas has been selected by great Bulgarian rulers as a strategic center for military operations. Khan Krum has prepared his attack against Byzantium during his campaign to establish the Bulgarian state. From the heights of Sveti Vlas, the Bulgarian king Simeon the Great has observed the spectacular victory of Bulgaria over the Byzantine army in the battle of Achelous.

The residents of Sveti Vlas were the first Bulgarians to be freed after the end of the Russian-Turkish Liberation War. The first Russian troops that brought liberty for Bulgaria passed through the sunny town with joyful cries.


Sveti Vlas Today

The numerous investments in the town during the last years have turned Sveti Vlas into a modern Bulgarian resort. Here is also the largest yacht port in Bulgaria – "Dinevi Marina".