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The main activity of VLAS.COM Ltd. is mediation in the purchase and sale of real estate and rental (short or long term) of dwellings or commercial areas, advertising.

In the process of its activity VLAS.COM Ltd. collects and processes personal data of its customers.

At the time of providing information, you agree to use this information as described here.

VLAS.COM Ltd. collects the following types of personal data:
- personal data that our clients provide by sending inquiries through the forms for inquiries on the website;
- personal data necessary for the fulfillment of the purposes of the relevant contract signed between the parties or for the type of service requested by the persons, as well as the necessary volume of data required to meet the requirements of labor law and tax laws;
- data we collect through general tracking (we use cookies) on what pages our customers are opening on the website. This information allows us to change the content of the website to the needs of our customers and visitors and provide them with the necessary information.

VLAS.COM Ltd. does not collect and process the so-called "sensitive personal data" of individuals whose processing is prohibited in Article 5, paragraph 1 of the Personal Data Protection Act.

The personal information we collect from customers or visitors to our website is used confidentially and responsibly, lawfully and in good faith, the data are not processed beyond the purposes for which they are collected and deleted and destroyed when the processing purposes are achieved or in compliance with the requirements of the Bulgarian legislation.
Despite the security measures, VLAS.COM Ltd. can not guarantee that unauthorized persons will not gain access to your personal data.

VLAS.COM Ltd. does not provide for any reason to third parties information representing the personal data of the natural persons, except with their explicit consent, upon fulfillment of a statutory obligation of the company or when the processing is necessary for fulfillment of obligations under a contract under which the natural person to whom the data relate is a party, as well as for actions preceding the conclusion of a contract and undertaken at the request of the individual himself.

"VLAS.COM" Ltd. has the right to change its policy for protection of personal data in case of change of the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria in this subject area, in case of change in its activity concerning the relations with the physical persons, users of the services of the company, will be immediately reflected in this document and published on the company's official website.

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