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Each year, Sveti Vlas attracts thousands of tourists with its soft climate, sunny beaches, and numerous entertainment opportunities.

Sveti Vlas is a favourite place for all who seek a quality holiday and excellent facilities.

Sveti Vlas is famous for its hospitality. Many of the town’s guests decide to make it their home so as to be able to enjoy all-year-round the caressing sun, the peace, the light breeze, the smell of the sea, in addition to the diversity of restaurants, cafes, bars, marine attractions and the exceptionally high level of service.

In case you have decided to visit Sveti Vlas, perhaps you would like to learn some interesting facts about the seaside town.

Sveti Vlas is situated in a quiet and cozy gulf along the southeastern coast of the Black Sea, at the foot of Stara Planina. The town has a unique location which combines the fresh clean mountain air with the pleasantly soft touch of sea waves.

From Sveti Vlas, you have a quick access by first-class road to the town of Nesebar which is included in the UNESCO’s cultural and historical heritage list.

From Sveti Vlas, you also have an easy and quick access to the administrative center of the region – city of Burgas – which is only 40 km away, and the international airport is even closer. If you are fond of sailing, Sveti Vlas can also be accessed by sea. The town has the most modern yacht port in Bulgaria which offers its guests all kinds of facilities.

The coastline of Sveti Vlas encompasses a unique region where many historic events have taken place, lying between the Danube River and the Bosphorus.

Throughout the centuries, Sveti Vlas has witnessed numerous events. For more information, please click here.



Population: ca. 4300

Area: 36,125 km2

Postal Code: 8256

Mayor: Ivan Nikolov (Political Party “More”)