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To make your vacation of full value, we recommend you to visit some of the sights in the region of Sveti Vlas:


The Old Town of Nesebar (10 km away from Sveti Vlas) is an architectural and archeological reserve included in the UNESCO’s list. The narrow streets with Renaissance-style Bulgarian houses and the small shops offering handmade souvenirs, archeological remnants of churches dating back to the 13th – 14th century, and the picture galleries will transfer you to another time.


Sunny Beach (2 km away from Sveti Vlas) is the largest Bulgarian Black Sea resort. Lots of entertainment, modern public houses, luxurious hotels and the 8 km long beach strip attract thousands of tourists from all over the world.


Sozopol (70 km away from Sveti Vlas) is famous for it’s over 180 houses dating back to the middle of the 18th and the early 19th century, with narrow and short cobblestone streets making the Old Town a romantic place, and fish restaurants.


Ropotamo Reserve (85 km away from Sveti Vlas) is located 12 km to the south of Sozopol. The beauty of Ropotamo River is due to the majestic dense forest and the beautiful water lilies. There, you can take a boat trip, try the nearby restaurant or make an outdoor picnic.


Folklore – For those of you who want to immerse in the Bulgarian national customs and culture. Near Sveti Vlas there are several villages with preserved folklore traditions: village of Medovo (15 km, a folk-style complex, with crafts street and a restaurant), village of Bata (30 km, a complex with a restaurant and fire dances), village of Erkech (35 km, a folk-style complex for night performances), village of Brashlyan (90 km, 76 old houses, an old working church, a monastery school, outdoor and indoor ethnographic museum). 


Fire-dancing is an ancient Bulgarian custom where people dance barefoot over glowing embers (live coals) the night before the day of Constantine and Elena. In Bulgaria, this custom has preserved its authentic appearance only in one village situated in the Strandzha Mountain – Bаlgari, yet in the summer season, you may observe these dances every night in the folk-style complex of the village of Bata.


Aladzha Monastery has been carved on the cliffs of a beautiful area situated 14 km away from the city of Varna. This unique 13-century monument has been carved on the 40-meter sheer sarmatian limestones.


Village of Zheravna (150 km away from Sveti Vlas) is situated in a mountain region. Zheravna is a world-famous architectural reserve, with over 200 wooden houses preserved from the Renaissance period, some of them being over 300 years old.