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23 January 2019 0 comments

A velvet touch of fine, golden, uniquely soft and pleasant sand and a cool, gentle touch of sea waves... Welcome to the beaches of Sveti Vlas.

The beach strip is unique in its essence, as it combines crystal clear sea water with fine sand along the coast. The high quality of the beach has been recognized, as the beach has been awarded many times with the prestigious marking ”blue flag”.

The “Blue Flag” marking is given only to beaches covering 32 exceptionally high criteria for cleanness of the beach strip. In Bulgaria, there are only 12 “blue flag” winners, 3 of them being on the territory of Sveti Vlas.


The beaches of Sveti Vlas offer an unforgettable vacation with their coziness and peace, quiet music and unique comfort on a chaise-lounge, swing or soft bed veiled under the gentle shadow of fine canopy. Beaches enchant the resort’s guests with their Caribbean style, and all this is made of natural materials.


If you are fond of extreme experiences, the beach of Sveti Vlas has something for you – here are some of the most prestigious clubs for underwater fishing, scuba diving, wind surfing, and yachting.

On the beach of Sveti Vlas, special attention is dedicated to the little ones. The beach has a children’s area with inflatable castle, bungee, playground, live entertainment.




Beach umbrella: 8 BGN

Beach chaise-lounge: 8 BGN

Water bicycle: 25 BGN/ 1 hour or 15 BGN/ 30 min.

Canoe – single: 15 BGN/ 1 hour 

Canoe – double: 20 BGN/ 1 hour 

Windsurf: 20 BGN/ 1 hour 

Windsurf course: 250 BGN/ 12 hours

Banana: 15 BGN/ 1 person

Slider/Tyre: 20 BGN/ 1 person

Jet Ski: 50 BGN/ 1 hour

Water ski: 25 BGN/ 5 min.

Water parachute: 50 BGN

Surf wardrobe + rig: 10 BGN/ day